Tuesday, 19 July 2016

12 Apps to greatly help Ease Anxiety

Yes, there's an Mobile App software to the too. The 12 below assist with stress management, rest, and more, easing stress disorders and aiding a wholesome is resided by you, happier life.

1. Pacifica:
Keep tabs on and rate your spirits as time passes, learn muscle rest exercises and yoga breathing techniques, and established health goals for your own. You can track record your thoughts to build up positive thinking habits and identify poisonous ones through mobile app. The software Development also helps users understand personal triggers.

2. Breathe2Relax:
This software does just what it claims. Created by the Country wide Middle for Telehealth & Technology, it supports diaphragmatic respiration that decreases your body's natural "fight-or-flight" response -- a major aspect of panic, anger, and basic mood instability.

3. Headspace:
Stress, recollection loss, focus, social romantic relationships, creative blocks... this "fitness expert for your brain" application protects everything. 10-minute yoga lessons try to bolster health, performance, and associations. This iphone app is on the pricier area though -- subscriptions cost between $6.24 and $12.95 a full month.

4. Positive Activity Jackpot:
Another iphone, android app from the Country wide Middle for Telehealth & Technology. That one uses a healing method known as Pleasant Event Arranging (PES), suggesting activities predicated on the user's location and passions. You can also request friends, save favorite areas, and label activities you take part in for future guide.

5. PTSD Instructor:
Created by the Country wide Centre for PTSD, this helps veterans battling or vulnerable to experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. With educational materials and a self-assessment tool, it permits users to control stress and discover support.

6. Restoration Record:
This highly regarded Mobile application pulls on cognitive behavioral remedy and self-monitoring solutions to help deal with eating disorders. Users will keep a food diary, make diet plans, and find out coping methods. Questionnaires help observe their improvement and produce aesthetic graphs documenting their quest.

7. Be concerned Watch:
This journaling tool has a straightforward interface where users can log cases of worry, dread, and anxiety. They are able to also add the results of every situation, which provides an evaluation between actuality and expectation that helps reduce panic as time passes.

8. I COULD Be Free:
This iphone app helps with stress, phobias, sleeplessness, and low self-esteem, offering more than 50 music hypnosis periods by popular hypnotist Jacob Strachotta. The consultations help target a number of common fears.

9. Relax Melodies:
This sleeping help fights sleep problems and stress with an increase of more than 50 totally customizable tones and tunes. Your blog offers lifestyle tips to boost rest also.

10. Mindshift:
Targeted at teens and adults suffering from anxiousness, this software allows users to log thoughts and feelings. It includes exercises that encourage positive thinking also.

11. Stress Doctor:
This software takes you over a yoga breathing exercise to market calmness and may bring your heartrate down in 5 minutes. The iphone app provides instant feedback with pulse and breath monitoring and tracks long-term progress.

12. Optimism:
Supporting with depressive disorder and bipolar disorder, this software helps users monitor their moods and keep daily information of the symptoms, plus log causes or things that help them stay positive. Graphs of the data give users a visual break down of their health.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Mobile App Development Trends to Look Out For In 2016

The mobile app development is thriving and continuing to evolve year after year. Last year, we saw mobile app market maturing from smart phones and tablets to wearable devices and Internet of Things along with an increased focus on app analytics and mobile app marketing.

With the growing demand for mobile apps, businesses are expecting to launch their product faster than ever. The main focus of mobile apps has been shifted to shortening the development lifecycles and reduce the timeframe between ideation to launch.

Cloud Driven

With the upsurge in the usage of multiple mobile devices and wearable tech,app developers will have to focus on the ability to integrate and sync their apps on multiple devices. The cloud approach will enable developers to build their applications that can be accessed on multiple devices with same functions, features and data.

Location Based Wi-Fi Services

In the coming years, Wifi will provide a lot more services than just the internet access. The primary benefit is that most businesses have already invested in WiFi and the market continues to show the trend of cellular plans becoming costlier due to a splurge in data consumption by users with smarter phones. WiFi works seamlessly for indoor experiences where cellular connectivity can be edgy and based on the access point location, businesses can know where their customers are and that will allow them to provide specific content right on their mobile phones.


More and more consumers are adapting to m-commerce year by year. Using a mobile phone to pay or purchase instead of debit or credit cards has become more common in 2016 with Apple Pay and Google Wallet. This will allow developers to build mobile apps that can process transactions without the need of physical debit/credit cards or cash.

Wearable Tech

Thanks to VR headsets, wearable Technology was one of the hottest trends in tech and consumer electronics industries in 2016. Until now apps for wearable devices were mostly focused on fitness and health care industry. But, with the onset of 2016 wearable devices are expected to be used by enterprises to improve their productivity and efficiency.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things is growing exponentially with more and more people connecting via multiple devices. Apps will further mature as they get integrated on multiple connected devices. It will inspire app developers to focus more on user experience on various devices.

In- App Advertising and Purchasing

Mobile Ad networks will go beyond banners and integrate and experiment with various ad formats. Mobile app advertising and in-app purchases will be a primary focus of monetization and a key to success as more and more app developers are shifting away from the paid download model.

App Analytics

There is a growing focus on big data and analytics than ever, the biggest examples being Facebook. Mobile app developers will continue to focus on adding new data collection methods in their apps to get more insights and actionable items to meet their client’s expectations and make more engaging and successful apps.

The Growth of Enterprise Apps

IoT for Enterprises (Enterprise of Things) is expected to get a major boost. Enterprise app stores are also expected to emerge this year allowing B2B application exchanges. Enterprise mobile management is also expected to grow in 2015. There will be a tremendous opportunity for app developers to work on building and managing applications for Enterprise market.

App Security

The hackers will continue to exploit security gaps in mobile applications to crack sensitive information with every passing hour of the day. Security remains a big challenge on mobile devices. Key point, mobile app security is something developers need to seriously act upon in 2016. The more the security, the better. Applify, being a leading name in app development companies is receptive to the changes in the mobile industry and is making continuous strides in the app universe with each passing day.

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